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Washing should be no more than 2x per week. If you need to wash more, wash just the top section of your hair as a quick cheat, or add dry shampoo. Use gentle, cleansing, salon-grade shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Shampoo and use the residual suds to wash the ends. Tape-ins wait 72 hours before getting your hair wet, sweating, hot baths, spas etc. Sewn-in can wash immediately.
Make sure to squeeze as much water out of your hair as possible. Apply conditioner starting at your ends and work your way up stopping before your roots. Be sure to stay away from your scalp, wefts or the extension tabs. Leave in for 5 minutes minimum, then rinse.
1. Towel dry hair gently, no friction. Generously spray PRAVANA intense therapy spray 2. Brush through with WET BRUSH epic professional 3. Apply KEVIN MURPHY Heat Protectant and Young Again Oil, then work the products into hair with any boar bristle brush.
Always blow dry your hair in the direction it grows and use a brush to help smooth the cuticle as you dry.
NEVER go to bed with wet hair, while were at it we do not recommend air drying either. Your hair is in its most fragile state when wet so dry up or call the hair extension bar and get your weekly shampoo blow dry and styles there! At night braid your hair or secure it in a silk curl wrap, use a silk pillow case to keep your curls intact all week. Your skin and hair will thank you!
Brush Brush Brush!!! Did we mention brush your extensions? Always start at the tips of your hair working your way up! Be sure to brush right under your weft to avoid any dreading. Flipping your hair upside down to brush the base of your bottom row is helpful as well.
Purple shampoos + conditioners should never take the place of shampoo or conditioner. They also will not make your hair lighter This product is just to help camouflage your hair until your next color service. To start always shampoo first then rinse. Next mix the purple conditioner with any conditioner to dilute until you find the perfect ratio for your desired look.
Be Aware your extensions will grab the purple much faster then your own hair so BE CAREFUL! When you feel your hair is purple toned to your liking rinse and apply conditioner and follow instructions under conditioning listed above.
Stay away from sunscreens and tanning oils that contain avobenzine this ingredient will turn your extensions a peachy pink color. Getting your extensions wet in the ocean or pools without securing it in a braid of some sort is off limits, they will dread! Pool/Jacuzzi water and traveling to different areas with different shower water can effect your hair extensions texture.
Just like your own hair, hair extensions will fade and need to be kept up with toners or by alternating in newer wefts to help camouflage any unwanted colors or tones.
We want your extensions to last just as much as you do! We service your hair every 8 weeks but between those appointments maintaining your hair health is 100% in your hands. Using trusted quality products we recommended, following our hair care instructions and maintaining your 6-8 week move ups will ensure you get the absolute most out of your hair extensions.
Shampoo: Kevin Murphy Repair Wash
Conditioner: Kevin Murphy Repair Wash
Cleansing treatment: Kevin Murphy Maxi
Heat protectant: Kevin Murphy Heat Defense
Oil: Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil
Styling Oil: Alter Ego Elixir Oil Spray
Purple Conditioner: Kevin Murphy
Dry Shampoo: Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair
Detangler/leave-in: Pravana Intense Therapy Spray
Flat Iron: GHD Platinum+ 
Blow Dryer: Dyson Air Wrap or Regular Dyson